Reservation Rules

·     Casa Sanchez is a Dinner Show Restaurant. There is a minimum One Entrée required per adult. Children can order off the children's menu (Children 2-12) or they can share with adults. Please always include children in reservation. 

·     We do not guarantee specific tables. We can take a handicap accessible requests but specific tables are not guaranteed. You are guaranteed a table in the main dining room but that is the extent of requests. 

·     There is a $25 cover charge for all adults who do not meet the minimum requirement of One Entree.  

·     All reservations run for 2.5 hours only. Every seat is sold for each show so we can not extend reservations. You are welcome to stay in our cocktail bar area. 

·     We have a 15 minute grace period for all reservations, if all guests have not arrived by grace period we cannot guarantee the table. You will be added to the top of the waitlist.

·     All reservations of 8 guests or more require a credit card on file to hold the reservation. There is a $200 fee for same day reservation cancellation.  There is a $200 No-Call No-Show fee.

·     Mariachi Voces de Mexico de Raul Sanchez has a set play list for each show, they can sometimes take requests but they are not guaranteed since they do have a specific set list for each show. We do not allow guests to sing along with Mariachi unless they are approved by our musical director Adrian Vaca. 

·     Final guests count is due by 3pm on day of reservation. There is a $25 per empty seat fee if 3 or more guests do not arrive. You can always update the reservation as it gets closer to the date.

·     We do not offer Split checks